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Norwex EnviroScrubs 3pcs

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Sku: TB418045

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Norwex EnviroScrubs - scrubby microfibre on one side removes sticky, gooey messes, and EnviroCloth® on the other easily wipes them away. Padded cloth is safe for all non-stick surfaces, including pots, pans, kitchen worktops, sinks, backsplashes, tiled walls and more! 
Dimensions: 16 cm x 16 cm.

  • The convenience of the Kitchen Scrub Cloth and the EnviroCloth in one.
  • Norwex Microfibre has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper use and care instructions.
  • Rough side gently scrubs without scratching.
  • Checkerboard weave is designed specifically for hard-to-clean surfaces.
  • Special scrubby nylon quickly removes stubborn, stuck-on dirt and grime without scratching surfaces. 
  • Soft Norwex Microfibre with BacLock® on the other side whisks away dirt and residue.
  • Thick, plush microfibre quickly wipes surface areas clean, drawing particles of dirt and grime up into the cloth rather than spreading them around on the surface, like with traditional sponges.
  • Thin sponge layer increases absorbency to quickly wipe up spills.
  • The BacLock* in the microfibre cloth—our exclusive micro silver antibacterial agent—goes to work to self-purify and inhibit odours from bacteria, mould and mildew growth within the cloth within 24 hours so that it is ready to use again.
  • Great for pots, pans, kitchen worktops, sinks, backsplashes, tiled walls, bathtubs, bathroom mirrors, showers, walls, windows, floors, vehicles, toys, tools, kitchen appliances, outdoor furniture and much more.
  • Set of three allows you to keep one handy throughout your home.
  • Handy hang loop for convenient drying and storage.
  • Quilting prevents sponge layer from bunching in the wash. Thin design dries quickly.

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