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Leaf Shave Thorn Single Edge Kit Prism

€ 80.00

€ 100.00


Sku: TB599426

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The Leaf Single-Edge Kit comes with the key accessories to get you started on your sustainable platic-free shaving journey.

If you’re looking for a single blade shave there is no better option. Looking for our triple-blade razor?

  • - Intuitive blade angle;
  • - Back-weighted handle;
  • - Magnetic Load Assist™;
  • -Twist-to-open loading;
  • - Works with standard safety razor blades.

The Thorn is the more aggressive version. A great choice for coarser hair and ultra close shaves.

What's Included:

  • - Leaf single-edge razor: Thorn version (incl. 5-blades);
  • - Single-edge stand;
  • - 50x single-edge blade pack;
  • - Recycling Tin.

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