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Leaf Shave Dermaplaner Rose gold

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Sku: TB255678

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Leaf Dermaplaner is an all-metal, zero-waste system for removing peach fuzz, maintaining facial hair, and exfoliating skin with an Earth-friendly footprint.
We've figured out how to turn any standard safety razor blade into an at-home dermaplaning facial razor blade with our unique handle and proprietary blade-guard technology. Use each refill up to 3 times, or swap as needed.

What can at-home dermaplaning do for you?

- Remove peach fuzz;
- Remove dead skin cells;
- Increase skin permeability for skincare products.

Leaf Dermaplaner is a perfect fit for people currently using plastic or disposable dermaplaners or facial shavers, or for those who have never tried at-home dermaplaning but are interested in trying. For anyone looking to upgrade their skincare routine, it will quickly become your favorite top-shelf tool.
You can also use Dermaplaner to shape eyebrows if you find plucking too tedious or waxing too taxing.

Good for addressing:

- Clogged pores;
- Dry skin;
- Dark spots;
- Uneven texture.

Please consult your dermatologist if you ever have questions about whether using an at-home tool like this is a good fit. Potential contraindications can include:

- History of skin irritation;
- Rosacea;
- Active acne;
- Eczema;
- Psoriasis;
- Active sunburn.

Please note: Due to the guarded blades and steeper blade-angle, Leaf Dermaplaner is not a fit for typical face shaving on masculine beards. In that case, we suggest taking a look at our Single Edge Razors.

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    Leaf Shave
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    Prep: Cleanse your face completely
    Step 1: Use on either dry skin, or apply a small amount of Leaf Shave Oil. If you’re unsure about which method works best for your skin, ask your dermatologist.
    Step 2: Hold your skin taut. Place the blade at a 45-degree angle against your skin.
    Step 3: Use light pressure, and move in short downward strokes towards the center of your face. As needed, rinse or wipe the blade. Take your time, and get comfortable with the technique.
    Finish: Rinse your skin and finish with Leaf Shave Oil to moisturize your skin.
    Care: Thoroughly rinse your tool and blade after use. Replace the blade and blade-guard once a month. Wipe the blade and blade guard with alcohol to disinfect.
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