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Wella Welloxon Perfect Cream Developer 1000ml

Sku: TB539597

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Wella Welloxon the ideal partner for Wella permanent colours and lighteners.
Available in different volume for all the services possibilities:

- 1.9% perfect to give one shade lift, to achieve the same depth or a darker shade.
- 4% perfect to give one shade lift, to achieve the same depth or a darker shade.
- 6% (20vol) is perfect to achieve 1-2 shades of lift on non-coloured hair, for going darker, toning hair and for direct bleach application on the scalp which is perfect for root touch ups.
- 9% (30vol) is suitable to give you 2-3 shades of lift. Suitable for coloring grey hair.
- 12% (40vol) Serves only for lightening, up to 8 levels of lift. There is a risk of hair burns. You should never use a 40 volume developer at home.

Specifically reformulated to achieve the most accurate colour, redesigned to provide:
•Optimal consistency with new Koleston Perfect;
•Easier and faster mixing;
•Precise application;
•Great foil adhesion;
•Easy rinsing;
•A comfortable client experience.

We cannot guarantee accurate results with the use of any other developers!

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    Welloxon Perfect is recommende to use with Koleston Perfect Base & Innosense, Illumina Color, Blondor ir Magma hair dyes. The ratio of dilution for hair dye and oxidant emulsion depends on the type of dye used. Be sure to wear protective gloves when in use. Wash your hair well after the procedure.
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