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Wella SP Luxe Keratin Boost Essence 100 ml

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Wella Professionals SP Keratin Boost Oil is luxurious leave-in treatment for damaged hair which will give your hair perfect smoothness and sleek look in just a few seconds. A unique combination of three caring oils provides weakened hair with intensive moisturization and strengthens it from the outside in and inside out.
Wella Professionals SP Keratin Boost Oil will make your hair supernaturally light and smooth in just a few moments. The oil quickly absorbs so it does not weigh hair down and instantly transforms its texture. Enriched with keratin, it fills damaged spots on every single hair, making your locks firmer and more resistant to further damage. Your hair will look beautifully shiny, smooth and full of life.

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    Apply six to eight doses of oil into shampooed, wet hair and comb through along its whole length. Do not rinse.
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