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VOESH PHYTO Collagen Gloves Peppermint 1 pair

Sku: TB167136

€ 6.20

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Voesh PHYTO Collagen Gloves is enriched with Phyto collagen, peppermint and natural extracts for an intensive hand treatment. The perfect add-on service for manicures.
  • VOESH UV protective Collagen Gloves brings innovation to manicure treatment.
  • Each Mask is preloaded with peppermint and Phyto collagen rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. When ready to have your manicure, simply remove the tips of each finger along the perforated pre-cut lines.
  • Made with a micro-thin dual layered material. Protects up to 98.9% of UV rays.
  • Save time by moisturizing your hand while getting a manicure.
  • Patent Pending

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  • Juhised:
    Step 1: Cleanse and apply. Cleanse hands then slide gloves on carefully. Leave 5-10 minutes.
    Step 2: Prepare. Tear off glove tips along pre-cut lines.
    Step 3: Prepare nails. Attend to nail service as per client request.
    Step 4: Apply and dry. Apply nail colour and allow to dry completely.
    Step 5: Peel and reveal. Remove gloves by inverting onto your own hands for easy reveal. Massage excess treatment into hands.
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