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Sesderma Factor G Renew Biostimulating Ampoules 7×1.5ml

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Sesderma Factor G Renew Biostimulating Ampoules - intensive, single-use format for your weekly routine. 7 days, 7 bio-stimulating ampoules containing all of Sesderma’s biotechnological power. 7 benefits for a rejuvenated skin. Notice their instant firming effect! These bio-stimulating ampoules are suitable for revitalizing and rejuvenating all skin types.

The key for a young and vital skin lies in the 7 benefits of the 7 Factor G Renew bio-stimulating ampoules: firmness, regeneration, nutrition, even tone, re-densification, protection and rejuvenation.
Try them for 7 days before an event, holidays, during seasonal changes, or simply, any time you want to give your skin a boost of youth.

Each ampoule contains one or more plant-based, biotechnological growth factors (9 growth factors in total), to bring the desired effect to your skin:

  • Day 1: Firms
  • Day 2: Regenerates
  • Day 3: Nourishes
  • Day 4: Evens out skin tone
  • Day 5: Re-densifies
  • Day 6: Protects
  • Day 7: Rejuvenates

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