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Schwarzkopf Oil Ultime Argan & Barbary Fig Mask 200ml

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For medium to coarse hair: The Oil Ultime Oil-In-Cream-Treatment contains the highest amount of 100% natural, purified Argan and Barbary Fig Oil in the range. This luxurious formula nourishes, detangles and tames, leaving the hair feeling lightweight.

Know more: Schwarzkopf Oil Ultime is a premium hair care range powered by oils, inspired by aromatherapy to create ultimate beauty inside and out.

100% natural purified oils, for seductive smoothness and brilliant shine. Oil Ultime elevates 100% natural precious oils such as Argan, Marula, Rose and Barbary Fig Oil by blending them into a variety of weightless formulations designed to replenish and beautify all hair types. A multi-level purification process ensures that only the most precious components and nutrients of these pristine oils are implemented, leaving the hair soft and with a subtle yet radiant shine.

Self-evaporating and self-solubilising oils, for hair that feels weightless. The rich blend of oils envelops the hair shaft, filling porous areas in the structure to repair and strengthen. Excess oil instantly evaporates or is easily washed out depending on the product, to ensure a truly lightweight feel.

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    Work into wet hair and rinse out. For radiant shine and nourishment follow with the suitable Oil Ultime Treatment and Finishing Oil.
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