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Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom Dye Lashes And Brows Brown

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Värv: Brown

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Permanent eyebrow and eyelash color – a great way to escape from everyday cosmetic use and still look great in any situation. Now, thanks to Igora Bonacrom colors, high-end painting doesn’t need to be done only in salons. These colors carefully paint eyelashes and eyebrows, are safe and easy to use, easy to choose appropriate color that will blend will your hair color. Short exposure time provides a reliable, high-quality results (color and activating lotion are very easily mixed and applied). Various color shades provide a perfect hair and eyebrow color combination.

Dyeing set contains:

Activating Lotion 10 ml

Lash, Brow Dye 15 ml

Dye Bowl

Protective sheets

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    Thoroughly clean the eyes and eyebrows of nay cosmetic. Apply a protective sheet close to the lower lid, follow the instructions. Mix the dye together with 10 drops activating lotion and apply, with the help of a stick, onto eyelashes and eyebrows. Keep the dye in for 10 minutes, depending on the desired color intensity. Thoroughly rinse with the help of a cotton pad. Using this dyes, very carefully follow the instructions.
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