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Reuzel Softening Beard Balm 35g

Sku: TB003265

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Reuzel Beard Balm is a light to medium hold, multi-purpose balm formulated with Shea Butter and Argan Oil for your beard and the skin underneath. Used to reduce itch, beardruff, promote thicker hair, tame rogue hairs, reduce split ends, and to soften coarse hairs.

Toote andmed

  • Bränd:
  • Mis see on?
    Beard balm.
  • Kellele:
    Any gentleman with a beard or mustache.
  • Efekt:
    Seals in moisture and protects the hair. Gives beard a healthy gloss while making it easier to trim and shape. Softens and conditions coarse and rogue hairs. Promotes itch free beard growth and eliminates beardruff.
  • Juhised:
    Use back of thumbnail to scrape out a pea to dime sized amount of balm and rub between palms to emulsify. Run your fingers through your beard, making sure to rub balm into the skin where your beard grows to nourish hair at the roots, then spread the balm through beard from root to tip. Don’t forget your mustache and the hair around your mouth.
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