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OMG 4 IN 1 Kit Zone System Face Mask

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4 IN 1 Kit Zone System Face Mask is an innovative and multi-functional mask kit that targets all areas over the face while improving the overall skin appearance. It will leave your skin to rejuvenated, refreshed, and refined.

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    Face care kit.
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    STEP 1 - EYE ZONE 24K GOLD EYE PATCH  Apply 24k gold Eye patch under eye.   STEP 2 - T ZONE CHARCOAL CLAY MASK Gently apply evenly in T Zone Area.    STEP 3 - U ZONE KAOLIN CLAY MASK Gently apply evenly in U Zone Area. Leave all masks on for 10-15 minutes. Remove 24K Gold Eye patch and wash off clay masks with water.     STEP 4 - MOISTURE FINISHING CREAM Apply Moisture Finishing Cream to the entire face and gently massage.   
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