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Norwex Lysere Daily Hair Shampoo 355ml

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Norwex Lysere Daily Hair Shampoo - gently invigorating, plant-derived ingredients including Guar Bean and Pro-Vitamin B5 soften and clean your hair, while a special blend of essential oils leaves it fresh-smelling. Natural extracts of Sugar Cane and Orange Fruit cleanse away daily buildup, promoting healthier hair and scalp, while Bilberry Extract adds powerful antioxidant protection.

• Gentle surfactant provides rich, creamy lather.
• Gently cleanses hair and primes it for conditioning
• Innovative blend also contains five natural plant extracts:
– Bilberry Extract, a powerful antiinflammatory and antioxidant
– Sugar Cane provides moisture and gently exfoliates
– Sugar Maple helps smooth the surface of the hair
– Orange Fruit and Lemon Extracts provide natural sources of Vitamin C.
• Naturally scented with citrus blend of essential oils
Great for all hair types and textures:
– Straight
– Wavy
– Curly
• Product not tested on animals
• Proudly sourced by and created at our own EMP Research and Manufacturing Facility, ensuring the most stringent ingredient selection processes are followed.
• Recyclable bottle and packaging

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