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Norwex Adult Silver Care Toothbrush Refills Medium, 2pcs

Sku: TB956352

Värv: Medium

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€ 9.59

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Norwex Adult Silver Care Toothbrush Refills pack of 2.

Silver Care is an antibacterial toothbrush that reduces plaque level. On contact with water, the silver covering the toothbrush’s base releases active ions that eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria commonly found on toothbrushes. This natural, self-sanitising process also prevents the growth of these bacteria. The unique, replaceable Silver Care Plus Head snaps in and out, and the plastic handle is reusable.

  • Silver-covered bristle base with medium or soft bristles
  • Antibacterial properties interrupt the survival of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Flexible nylon bristles clean teeth gently and effectively.
  • Helps reduce bacteria by self-sanitising within hours
  • Gently curved handle provides non-slip grip.
  • Comes with one replacement head and refills are available, reducing waste—just throw out the head, rather than the whole brush.
  • Includes brush cover to prevent filaments from coming into contact with dust or with other brushes
  • Available in four different colours

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