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Nanogen Shampoo & Half-Conditioner for Men 240ml

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Nanogen Shampoo & Half-Conditioner for Men is the all-in one-time saver, imbued with a fresh modern scent that sets it apart. This versatile shampoo lathers up to create a dense exfoliating foam, providing deep cleansing for your hair and scalp while lightly conditioning.

Containing moisturising panthenol and glycerin, the conditioner level is designed to help prevent hair from feeling weighed down and lacking volume. Hair feels thicker and stronger, wash after wash, all while creating the perfect canvas for Nanogen Hair Fibres.

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    STEP 1 - Apply to wet hair
    STEP 2 - Massage gently throughout hair and scalp
    STEP 3 - Rinse thoroughly
    STEP 4 - For best results use every time you wash your hair.
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