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Milano Brush Aeolus Blowout Hair Brush

Sku: TB266960

€ 14.50

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Your everyday beauty tool when blow-drying your hair. Aeolus brush is created to make you in charge of a blow-drying process, not your hair dryer. Take the the advantages of gentle detangling and fast blow-drying, while you scalp is being massaged. Aeolus blowout brush is an irreplaceable tool for your beauty routine and is suitable for all hair types and hair extensions.

6 benefits in 1 brush:
  • Large vent allows shorter drying time.
  • Ball-tip bristles safely massage the scalp, improve scalp blood circulation and hair growth.
  • Painless and damage-free detangling.
  • Gentle on both wet and dry hair.
  • Makes hair smooth, healthy-looking and tangle-free.
  • Great for brushing out extensions.
  • Product information: Nylon ball- tip bristles, matte body and anti slip handle.

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