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Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap Pink 225ml


Sku: TB005868

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Make bath time and hand washing lots of fun for your little one with Kids Stuff Crazy Foam Soap. Mild and gentle, the pH balanced and paraben free formula will cleanse and moisturise delicate skin. This amazing foam soap can be shaped, bounced, and your child is sure to love making fun shapes out of this moudable soap as they wash, play and improve their hand eye coordination - all at the same time! SLES and Paraben free.

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  • Bränd:
  • Mis see on?
    Pliable foam soap that can be shaped and bounced. It injects creativity and fun to get your kid's creative juices flowing.
  • Kellele:
    Kids bathtime fun.
  • Juhised:
    Shake can well before each use. Point can downwards and spray desired amount into palm of hand. Rinse skin after use. For best results, use at room temperature. Wipe clean the bottle and nozzle before storing away in a cool dry place.
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