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IROHA Hand & Nail Glove Mask Pearl 1pcs

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Iroha Nature Regenerating Anti-Age Hand and Nail Treatment gloves with Pearl Extract repair and firming serum.
Pearl Extract brightens skin and enhances appearance of firmer skin leaving hands looking younger and feeling, soft, velvety and moisturized with a silky and uniform look.

The anti-oxidant properties of the 16 Fruit and Flower Extracts such as; Grapefruit Extract, Green Tea, Orange Fruit Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, Honeysuckle flower, Peach fruit extract, leave hands looking smoother, firmer and silky.

The innovative glove delivery system infused with the serum creates a sauna like effect for an intensive action in just 15 minutes.

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    Recommended use once a week.

    Wash hands and dry them. Separate both gloves and slip hands inside the inner tissue layer.
    The infused tissue will help the penetration of the active ingredients.
    After 15-20 minutes remove gloves and massage excess serum into both hands until fully absorbed.
    Do not rinse.

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