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Hydrea London Stylish Dual Sided Body Strap with Natural Sisal Fibre & Towelling Cotton 1pcs

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Hydrea London Sisal Dual Back Strap is designed for an all-over, natural deep cleansing experience. A stylish dual-sided strap with one side woven from 100% natural sisal fiber for invigorating exfoliation with a reverse side of soft terry cotton for a deep cleansing massage.
With FSC Certified wooden handles for easier and more controlling use.

Length: 76cm; Width: 13cm; Depth: 1cm; Weight: 262g

Strap: 50% Sisal Fibre, 50% Terry Cotton
Handles: FSC Certified Beechwood

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    1. Use in the bath or shower
    2. Wet the strap and use with your favourite cleansing product to create a rich lather
    3. Use the loofah side for exfoliating
    4. Use the soft bamboo fabric side for gentle cleansing
    5.Use sweeping actions back and forth whilst applying the desired pressure

    Do not use on sensitive areas or broken skin.

    After use, rinse thoroughly with cool water, squeeze out any excess water and hang to dry naturally.
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