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Hydrea London Sisal + Unbleached Linen SPA Mitt Natural, 1 unit

Sku: TB616225

Värv: Natural

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Our naturally luxurious, light weight Spa Mitt is carefully crafted with eco-friendly sisal fibre extracted from the agave plant and woven with pure, unbleached linen for a gentle exfoliating experience for the whole body.

Vegan | Plant Based | Unbleached Linen

Length: 20cm Width: 13cm
Depth: 1cm Weight: 40g

42% Sisal
42% Cotton
16% Unbleached Cotton

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    1. Use in the bath or shower
    2. Wet the Mitt and use with or without your favourite cleansing product
    3. Massage in circular motions towards the heart whilst applying a light pressure
    4. Finish by rinsing with lukewarm water

    Do not use on sensitive areas or broken skin.

    Mitt Care. After each use, hand rinse thoroughly in cool water, squeeze out any excess and hang by the hanging loop to leave to dry naturally. Thanks to the Mitt being lightweight and flexible it dries out quickly.
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