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Hydrea London Organic Egyptian Loofah Body Pad (round) 1pcs

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Experience one of nature’s best exfoliators. Our Organic Loofah is harvested from the Luffa Plant under the Egyptian sun where the nature of the land produces a superior loofah. Only the Egyptian loofah has a loose, weave with thick, flexible fibres that expand when wet and is recommended by professionals, for natural, effective exfoliation. The extra soft, unbleached cotton side is perfect for gentle, everyday cleansing.

Vegan | 100% Organic Loofah | Unbleached Cotton

Length: 13cmWidth: 13cm
Depth: 0.5cmWeight: 20g

50% Organic Egyptian Loofah
50% Egyptian Cotton

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  • Juhised:
    1. Use in the bath or shower.
    2. Wet the Loofah, use with your favourite cleansing product
    3. Massage in circular motions towards the heart
    4. Finish by rinsing with lukewarm water
    5. The extra soft, unbleached cotton side can be used for gentle daily cleansing
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