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Holika Holika Ombre Blush 01 Sunset

Sku: TB335438

Värv: 01 Sunset

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Up your makeup game with these ombre blushes that come in four options, namely #01 Sunset which fades from coral to rose, #02 Dawn which segues from lavender to a mellow rose color, #03 Sandy Beach which increases in intensity from nude pink to peach, and #04 Sahara which gradates from cream to taupe. Infused with rose, calendula and cottonseed oils to nourish skin.

  • Benefits:
  • This high-pigmented blusher adheres closely to deliver bright watercolors all day without becoming cakey.
  • Features 10 shades in each color to customize the gradation for a perfect look.
  • Color Chart:
  • #01 Sunset: From coral to rose color
  • #02 Dawn: From lavender to mellow rose color
  • #03 Sandy Beach: From nude to peach beige color

Toote andmed

  • Bränd:
  • Juhised:

    Apply an appropriate amount onto cheeks with brush and blend naturally.

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