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Gehwol Refreshing Foot Bath 330g

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The new refreshing footbath purifies the skin in depth and ensures lasting freshness thanks to the refreshing menthol containing the rich and active ingredients, neutralizes odor. The seaweed extracts and urea helps to trim the chapped and dry skin and soften it. With regular use of Gehwol Refreshing Footbath feet remain healthy and well hydrated.

Toote andmed

  • Bränd:
  • Mis see on?
    Foot bath.
  • Kellele:
    Tired, "hot" feet.
  • Efekt:
    Purifies the skin in depth and ensures lasting freshness, neutralizes odor. Foot remains healthy and well hydrated. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for the diabetics.
  • Juhised:
    Add a tablespoon of the product in 3-4 liters of warm water and then soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes. For intense sclerosis, extend the time of footbaths and increase the dosage.
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