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FACE Stockholm Makeup Brushes Small Pony Fluff Brush #26

Sku: TB388068

Värv: Nylon Angular Brush #28

€ 18.00

€ 14.40

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FACE Stockholm Makeup Brushes quickly and easily covers your face with makeup.

- Chisel Brush #6 (16.5 cm) - Natural powder brush with shorter handle for more control with the application. Natural goat fibers.

- Small Pony Fluff Brush #26 (14 cm) - Can be used with Matte or Pearl Eyeshadow. Easily used for detailed placement of product in crease or brow area. Natural pony fibers.

- Contouring Brush #31 (15.2 cm) - Easily and quickly applies powders for a soft finish. Synthetic nylon bristles.

Blender Brush #39 (22.9 cm) - Perfect shape to fit in the eye crease for precise application of shadow. Soft, flexible bristles blend product effortlessly. Synthetic nylon.

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