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Ekel Natural Intensive Hand Cream Snail 100 ml

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Ekel Natural Intensive Hand Cream Snail provides moisture to the skin deeply. Contains vegetable oil to prevent water evaporation and keeps your hands moist and shiny for a long time. It is also a hand cream for hands that will calm the skin with various plant ingredients.

- Snail Mucin is a whole factory of care: moisturizing, nutrition, lifting, regeneration, smoothing skin tone, enhancing its protective functions. It has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
- Hyaluronic Acid normalizes the water balance, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, neutralizes free radicals. Due to the softening and intensive moisturizing of the skin, it stimulates the healing of wounds.
- It has a non-greasy texture and light odor, absorbs quickly, leaves no stickiness.

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    After washing your hands thoroughly or when you feel dry, apply the appropriate amount evenly.
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