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DS Laboratories Spectral.LASH Advanced Lash Enhancer 2.4ml

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Spectral.LASH, a cutting-edge treatment from DS Laboratories, is demonstrated through clinical research to result in eyelashes 25 percent longer in just four weeks. Many users also enjoy greater thickness and density. Spectral.LASH deploys a breakthrough peptide complex. Scientists believe that peptides, composed of structural amino acids, work by stimulating the expression of keratin genes and by improving overall eyelid health.

Toote andmed

  • Bränd:
  • Mis see on?
    Lash growth enhancer.
  • Kellele:
    Thin eyelashes.
  • Efekt:
    Long, luxurious eyelashes proclaim youth and attractiveness for both women and men.
  • Juhised:
    Start by ensuring that the face is clean and makeup is removed. Click the button to dispense the solution. Draw the applicator carefully across the skin of the upper eyelid as if applying eyeliner. Repeat for the lower eyelid. If solution gets into the eye, it is not expected to cause harm though it may cause slight irritation. The eye should not be rinsed. After several weeks of use, you can switch to once-daily application and maintain the results already achieved. 
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