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Casmara Urban Protect Recovery Hand Cream 50ml

Sku: TB747233

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Casmara Urban Protect Recovery Hand Cream - anti-pollution and anti-aging restoring hand treatment. Global Age System – 95% natural

CASMARA is expanding its UrbanProtect collection with another essential ally. A revolutionary anti-aging and anti-pollution formula which restores and protects, improving the appearance of signs of aging and preventing photo-aging.

Its depigmenting action evens the tone and prevents the appearance of dark age spots, helping you to halt the effects of time on the delicate hand area.

UrbanProtect Recovery Hand Cream intelligently detects and acts on the most damaged areas, restoring them and providing extraordinary elasticity, while strengthening the protective skin barrier of the hands, shielding from the effects of free radicals, contamination (pollution, blue light and chemical agents) and photo-aging.

The secret to youthful hands!

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