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BIOCOS academy Protection Spray 2in1 For Dogs 100ml

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Biocos Academy Spray 2in1 Protective aromatherapy spray for dogs. 100% natural, improves the condition of the dog's skin, protects against insects. Contains nickel seed oil, rich in fatty, amino acids, vitamin E, so it is useful to restore skin moisture balance, disinfect and regenerate skin.
Real Aloe Vera has intensely moisturizing and soothing properties for irritated, damaged, itchy skin.

A special nickel and essential oil complex helps protect the animal from unwanted insects and ticks.

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    Spray the animal's coat when skin is flaking, irritated. Also, use the spray before each walk or any time you want to protect the animal from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas.
    100% natural composition spray is safe for dogs of all ages.
    Safety measure: spray away from the eyes.
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