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Alcina Natural Look Mascara Black

Sku: TB004685

€ 13.90

€ 11.12

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Natural Look Mascara gives your eyelashes maximum volume, a thicker eyelash base and stunning length. The exceptional microbrush coats and shapes every single lash. For seductive and voluminous eyelashes. Ideal for all those who want thick, dark-black eyelashes, extra volume and a truly intense mascara effect. Can be combined with the Soft Eye Make-up Remover to gently cleanse the area around the eyes. It gives you spectacular eyelashes – so good they could almost be fake. Even short and finer lashes are optimally accentuated.

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    Place the brush at the base of your eyelashes and comb through to the tips in one go. Repeat for a more intensive finish.
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