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Alcina Hand Cream N°1 50ml

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€ 6.50

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The skin on our hands also needs protection and intensive care. Harmful environmental factors such as UV radiation can result in pigmented spots as well as dry and stressed skin. The Alcina Hand Cream N°1 nourishes and smoothes damaged skin thanks to its special formulation and leaves hands feeling velvety soft after just the first use. With its protective and nourishing properties, this cream is also ideal for nail care. It is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft. The combination of sun protection factor 15, the antioxidant lycopene well-known as a radical scavenger and the special plant-based formula Defensil contained in the Alcina Hand Cream N°1 protects the skin on your hands with its anti-aging properties and also prevents photodamage, premature skin-aging and age marks with a 3-fold protective effect.

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    Apply the Alcina Hand Cream N°1 each time you wash your hands and massage gently into the skin. If used regularly this lotion can prevent dry and rough hands from drying out.
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