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You&Oil Face Oil Nourish & Vitalise Dehydrated Skin 50ml

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You&Oil Face Oil Nourish & Vitalise Dehydrated Skin. Your skin craves moisture. This combination of oils is capable of giving it back and maintaining it.
Harnessing the powers of Rice Kernel Oil, Aloe Vera and vitamin-rich Sweet Almond Oil, the lightweight, quick-absorbing formula infuses skin with long-lasting moisture and hydration to leave it velvety soft and supple without greasy residue. Expect a rejuvenated, replenished complexion with restored luminosity.

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    Every evening, after washing the face, massage the oil onto moist skin and let it soak in. For deeper cleansing we recommend 4-8 minute massages 3 times a week, wash with cleanser and spray tonic on skin generously after the procedure.
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