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Wella Insta Recharge Root Concealers 2.1g, Medium Brown

Sku: TB314037

Värv: Medium Brown

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Wella Insta Recharge Root Concealers is a professional root touch up product, a temporary coloring 4 in 1 solution for in-between salon appointments.

- Easily conceal and optically fill roots
- Use on highlights to touch up in between appointments
- Create fuller hairlines by optically concealing and thickening
- Define eyebrows
- Available in 5 temporary shades
- Fades away within the next shampoo

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    Apply on clean and dry hair. Brush the hair to remove any dirt and other products.

    Application tips:
    1. Keep the strand of hair tight to achieve maximum precision.
    2. Use the narrow side of the brush to reduce the lines around the hairline.
    3. Use the padded tip to blur the applied product over the hairline or to create a soft diffusion effect.
    4. Use a slightly darker shade to get a more dense looking hair with more body and to highlight the eyebrows.
    5. Apply a light spray of EIMI Super Set to fix and finish.
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