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Uoga Uoga Retractable Lip Brush

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Also suitable as a liner brush. "Uoga Uoga" lip brush is created to highlight the beauty of your lips. It is very comfortable to use- it helps cover the lips with colour evenly and can also be used to create the lip contour as well as the eye line. This brush is retractable- so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. This brush is made of synthetic hair therefore no animals suffered during the production process! Synthetic hair is more resistant to bacteria and dirt, and is less likely to cause allergic reactions. Do not forget that our brush will serve longer and will better cover your face if its periodically washed with soap. Enjoy your impeccable lips!

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    Take the cap off and put it on the bottom of the brush- the retractable lip brush will pop-up. Apply a lip colour to the contours of the lips first and then colour the centre of your lips. This brush can also be used to draw the eye line: dip the brush in "Uoga Uoga" eyeliner, then draw an elegant line from the inside corner of the eye along the lash line.
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