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Sesderma Juveses Teens Sebum Regulator 50ml

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Sesderma Juveses Teens Sebum Regulator moisturizes oily skin controlling excess sebum caused by hormonal changes. Sesderma Juveses Teens Sebum Regulator is indicated to control excess oil in acne-prone skin. Ideal for use in adolescence during menstruation.

Especially recommended for patients receiving oral isotretinoin to prevent dry skin, moisturizes and soothes the skin. It is ideal as a complementary treatment in patients with symptoms of premenstrual and premenopausal acne. It also has antiaging action, to reduce wrinkles, an antioxidant, improves firmness.

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    Apply in the morning after cleansing face. Combine with Salises Moisturizing at night.
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