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Hydrea London Elephant Ear Natural Sponge 6.5-7.5 cm, 1 unit

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Hydrea London Natural Elephant Eat sponges from the Mediterranean. This smooth sponge is highly absorbent, great to the touch with exfoliating properties, hypoallergenic and excellent for use as part of your daily face care routine. Deep cleansing in those hard to reach areas around the eyes and nose and gentle exfoliation which can help smooth fine lines and leave skin glowing.  It is rather smooth on one side and rough on the other so you can choose which one is applicable for your skin type and sensitivity.

100% natural and sustainably harvested natural sponge that is smooth, highly absorbent and creates a luxurious lather. Long lasting and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. 100% organic, biodegradable and renewable natural resource

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    Wet your sponge and apply a small amount of your favourite face wash or shower gel. Squeeze gently to lather and then use to wash your body. Rinse with warm water after use and allow to air dry naturally.

    Caring for your sea sponge: rinse in warm water after every use. Squeeze out any excess water gently and allow to dry naturally where air can circulate. To more thoroughly clean the sponge when required, soak it in a solution of one part warm water and one part white wine vinegar for up to one hour then rinse well and air dry. This will keep the sponge fresh and inhibit any growth of bacteria. Do not use the sponge with oil based products as it will disintegrate. Do not bleach, boil, machine wash or wring – just squeeze gently. As this is a natural product please check your sponge for any sea debris and rinse well before use.
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