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Holika Holika Terrazzo Shadow Palette 01 Earthy

Sku: TB312294

Värv: 01 Earthy

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If your beauty arsenal still does not have a universal makeup palette, then you should pay your attention to the beauty product, designed by Korean brand - Holika Holika: a stylish eyeshadow palette of 9 shades for charming makeup, that enhances the depth and natural tone of your eyes. Holika Holika Terazzo Eye Shadow Palette consists of 3 matte, 4 shiny and 2 metallic shades. The colors of the shadows are perfectly combined with each other, allowing you to embody the most creative ideas in the make-up!

  • Benefits:
  • - easily shaded on the eyelids;
  • - harmoniously combined with each other;
  • - do not roll or smear during the day;
  • - suitable for day and evening make-up;
  • - thanks to the compact packaging format, the palette is convenient to be taken on trips.

Toote andmed

  • Bränd:
  • Juhised:

    Apply the required amount of eyeshadow with makeup brushes.

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